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1. What is the PC Resources section?

PC Resources are a collection of internal references and links to external resources. Examples of internal references include lists of keyboard shortcuts, syntax references, and Internet tools.

2. What are keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations that perform commands within an operating system or application. For example, Control+P (Windows) and Command+P (Mac) are standard keyboard shortcuts for the "Print" command. Control+S (Windows) and Command+S (Mac) are standard shortcuts for "Save". By learning Mac OS X (macOS) and Windows keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to navigate your computer faster and work more efficiently.

3. What are Sharp Sites?

Sharp sites are helpful websites that have been chosen by the PC.net editor. These websites exhibit good site design principles and contain useful information.

4. Can I submit a Sharp Site?

You can suggest a Sharp Site using the PC.net contact form. Please note, however, that not all websites submitted will be included in the Sharp Sites list.

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