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CalendarNovember 26, 2014

An Examination of Consciousness: Recognizing Goodness

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"What do I dwell upon throughout the course of each day? To what am I giving my attention, my life, my concern, my thought, my energy? Where is my heart throughout each day? What are the emotions I most commonly experience? What am I dwelling on?"

I came across these questions in studying St. Ignatius' "Examination of Consciousness" during my annual retreat a few weeks ago. They are great questions to ask ourselves. The goal, according to St. Ignatius, is to reorient and even retrain ourselves to be grateful.

Daily life often leads us to get frustrated with things that are imperfect and undone. By recognizing and holding onto experiences of goodness, we become more aware of the positive things in life. This provides us with a disposition of thankfulness. As we become more thankful, our attitudes improve, and so do our relationships with others and with God.

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CalendarNovember 12, 2014

Review: Apple iPhone 6

It's only been about two months since Apple released the iPhone 6, so I'm pretty sure I am the first one to write a review. OK, this might be the 15,367th review of the iPhone 6, but hopefully I can provide some helpful insight based on my personal experience with the phone over the past six weeks.

Front of the iPhone 6

As I mentioned in a previous article, I chose the regular iPhone 6 instead of the Plus since it just felt like the right size. Maybe one day we'll all be using oversized phones, but for now, the standard 6 feels perfect. After using the phone for the past several weeks, I am confident I made the right decision. The screen is large enough that it's noticeably bigger than the iPhone 5, but I don't need two hands or an external handle to hold it like the 6 Plus.

While I'm not a fan of watching TV shows or movies on portable devices, the iPhone 6 screen is big enough that you can actually watch videos without straining your eyes. I especially enjoy watching StarCraft 2 replays on my new iPhone since it's easier to see individual units in the game. My favorite part of the larger screen, however, is that it is easier to type! Since the keyboard is larger on the iPhone 6, I find myself making less typing errors, which increases my productivity and lessens my frustration. It's a win-win.

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CalendarOctober 16, 2014

Apple Introduces the 5K iMac with a Retina Display

Apple Introduces the 5K iMac with a Retina DisplayToday, Apple announced the "iMac with Retina 5K Display." The desktop version of my December 2011 prediction has finally become a reality.

It's been more than two years since Apple introduced the Retina MacBook Pro, but the company finally released its first desktop display with a high-resolution "retina display." Perhaps 4K wasn't enough to reach "retina" status, so Apple decided to create a 27" display with over 5,000 (5K) horizontal lines of resolution.

The resolution of the new iMac is 5120 x 2880 pixels, to be exact. That is 14,745,600 total pixels. In other words, the screen can display a 14 megapixel full screen image with no scaling. Wow. I suppose many photographers and video editors are already lining up to buy this impressive new machine, which started shipping today.

The display of the new iMac is awesome. I suppose it will be even more awesome when I see it in real life. However, it puts me in a difficult position since I was waiting for a standalone display that I could use with a new Mac Pro. For some reason (probably based on sales volume), Apple decided to put their new display technology into the 27" iMac rather than a new Thunderbolt monitor.

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CalendarSeptember 26, 2014

Why I Got the iPhone 6 Instead of the iPhone 6 Plus

I got my new iPhone 6 this week. And it wasn't the Plus.

I really wanted the Plus. After all, I stayed up past 3:30 AM CDT last week just to order one. But a few days ago, I decided to visit my local Apple Store and compare the two models.

iPhone 6 Plus next to iPhone 6

After about twenty minutes, I cancelled my iPhone 6 Plus order and bought the standard iPhone 6 instead. Here's why.

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CalendarSeptember 19, 2014

iPhone 6 Plus Update

I had hoped to publish my review of the iPhone 6 Plus early next week, but it looks like that will be a little difficult. The main reason is because I don't have the phone.

I was one of the thousands of people that stayed up past 2:00 AM CDT on September 12, attempting to order the iPhone 6 Plus through the Apple Store website. While this strategy has worked great in the past, but this time the online store was down for more than an hour and a half. After clicking refresh a few hundred times, I finally went to bed around 3:30 without ordering my phone.

Plan B was to go to my local Apple Store early in the morning on the official release date. So I went to my local mall today and got in line about 15 minutes before the store opened. While I was waiting in line, one of the Apple employees was going through it asking people what phone they wanted so we could reserve our model. When he got to me, I said I wanted the 6 Plus for AT&T, Space Grey, with 128GB of storage. He said, "We have a 6 Plus, AT&T, Space Grey, with... 64GB of storage." So close.

Considering I am constantly using around 63.5 GB on my current phone, 64 gigabytes just isn't going to cut it. I thanked the guy for trying and walked out without a new iPhone. I'll try to get one soon.

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