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What is the best program to prevent or remove spyware from my computer?

Answer: According to PC Magazine, some spyware utilities that do a decent job are:

  1. SpyBot Search & Destroy
  2. Ad-aware 6
  3. Aluria's Spyware Eliminator
  4. BPS Spyware/Adware Remover
  5. Spy Remover 5.0
  6. Internet Cleanup 3.0
  7. PestPatrol 4.1
  8. QuickClean 3.0
  9. SpySweeper 1.03
Because Windows is so susceptible to spyware and adware programs, the best defense is to use another operating system like the Mac OS. The Macintosh operating system has less than 1/100 of the viruses and spyware problems that Windows machines do.

Published: January 25, 2005 — by Per Christensson

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