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Calendar July 1, 2024

Compress Your Backups to Save Disk Space

Compress Your Backups to Save Disk SpaceI often duplicate files and folders to create a quick backup. For example, I might duplicate an entire website folder before making major changes to the site. Or I might create monthly backups of a database so I can reference or revert to previous data if needed.

While duplicating data is a quick and easy way to create a backup, the copies can take up unnecessary disk space. If you're not planning to use the data for a while, it's best to compress your backups (there's a reason they're called "compressed archives"). Below is an example of a database backup I created that is less than 25% the size of the original database.

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June Don't Use an Ad Blocker
May Use Your Phone to Charge Your Devices
April Empty Your Trash or Recycle Bin (Automatically)
March Customize Your Workspace Lighting
February Hold Your Phone with Each Hand
January Check Your Spam Folder Once a Month


December Try a Smart Doorbell
November Use a Silent Mode Backup
October Know the Difference Between Bytes and Bits
September Check Your Internet Speed
August Regularly Restart Your Computer
July Scan Your Documents and Receipts
June Try a Hard Mouse Mat
May Use a Mouse Wrist Rest
April Use an External Microphone
March Give Your Speakers Time to Break In
February Search to Open an App
January Choose an SSD instead of an HDD


December Wait to Enter Your Email Address
November Cancel Your Subscription Immediately
October Email Files as Compressed Archives
September Clean Out Your Downloads Folder
August Perfect Punctuation is Not Necessary
July Clean Out Your PC
June Choose the Best Video Orientation
May Take Digital Call Logs
April Choose a Good Email Subject
March Turn Off Your Smartphone Camera
February Remove Tracking Parameters from URLs
January Exercise More at Work


December Turn Off "Do Not Track"
November Reduce Screen Glare
October Lower Your Hands for Correct Typing Posture
September Test Your Audio Before the Call
August Use Multiple Browsers
July Block Spam Calls on Your Smartphone
June Wash Your Hands Before You Type
May Fix Bright Spots on a Flatscreen Display
April Wait to Upgrade (Your Hardware)
March Use Your Smart TV Apps
February Organize Your Photos Monthly
January Use Online and Offline Backups


December Try Third-Party Peripherals
November Change Your Scenery
October Use a Power Conditioner
September Select Text Using Keyboard Shortcuts
August Verify Secure Websites
July Begin Emails with a Name
June Send Text Messages From Your Computer
May Top 10 Tips for Better Video Conferencing
April Add a New Line in a Message
March Don't Skimp on Your Internet Connection
February Try HiDPI
January Perform Monthly File Maintenance


December Detect Fake Emails
November Use LED Lighting
October Use a Generic Name for Your Home Network
September Keep Your Workspace Active
August Drive Handsfree
July The #1 Tip for Choosing Good Speakers
June Monitor Your Energy Usage
May Use Multiple Chairs
April Don't Pay the Ransom
March Store Your Receipts Electronically
February Learn How to Type Faster
January Free Trial? Mark It On Your Calendar


December Try Dark Mode
November Don't Upgrade
October Clean Your (Physical) Desktop
September Remember to Reload
August Schedule a Monthly Recharge
July Use Your Function Keys
June Take a Social Media Hiatus
May Use Secure Email
April Don't Keep All Your Photos
March Make Use of Travel Lock
February Manage Your Cables
January Back Up Your Backup


December Navigate With Your Keyboard
November Keep Your Files Organized
October Record Call Logs
September How To Use Cellular Data Internationally
August Protect Your Ears
July Let Electronics Dry Before Using Them
June Remember to Set Reminders
May Limit Your Fonts and Colors
April How To Quickly Select a Web Address
March Remember to Right Click
February Set Your Audio Output Level Correctly
January Don't Change Your Password


December Use Speech Recognition
November Don't Drop Your Phone
October Try a Laser Printer
September Get Rid of Audio Noise
August Use Your Lighting Wisely
July Keep Your Phone Cool
June Forget That Network
May Consolidate Your Questions
April Format Email Addresses Correctly
March Let Ink Dry Before Scanning
February Don't Email Passwords
January Get Organized (Electronically)


December Bank Electronically
November Don't Skimp When Buying A Computer
October Charge Consistently
September Use Surge Protection
August Don't Drive Distracted
July Restart Your Voicemail Message
June Text Using Two Hands
May Try a New Keyboard
April Go Paperless
March Take Screenshots for Reference
February Read Your Email Before Sending It
January Back Up Your Data Online


December Put Your Phone Away
November Use Two Mice
October Double-Check Your Email Address
September Check Your Sources
August Taking Photos? Look Behind You
July Traveling? Bring an Ethernet Cable
June Think Before You Share
May Clean Your Camera Lens
April Know the Difference Between Login and Log In
March Don't Share Your Password (With Anyone)
February Don't Get Scammed
January Navigate Your Computer With Your Keyboard


December Find the Best Wi-Fi Connection
November Don't Just Sit There
October Secure Your Wi-Fi Network
September Record Video in Landscape Mode
August Copy Form Data Before Submitting It
July Use Multiple Monitors
June Rest Your Wrists
May Let Your Smartphone Sleep
April Think Before You Post
March Use Quotes in Your Search Queries
February Clean Your Screen
January Include Your Name in Your Email Address


December Post Proper Pictures on Facebook
November Take a Mini Break
October Wait to Upgrade
September Use a Cell Phone Headset
August Don't Spill Your Drink
July Pack Extra Power When You Travel
June Extend Your Battery Life
May Add More Memory
April Video Conference Professionally
March Clean Up Your Desktop
February Check Your Backup
January Choose the Right Printer Paper


December Record Better Videos
November Learn Your Keyboard Shortcuts
October Find Content within a Webpage
September Clean Your Computer
August Organize Your Files by Date
July Take Fewer Pictures
June Take Better Pictures
May Forward Email Properly
April Lower Your Display Brightness
March Let Your Computer Sleep
February Back Up Your Power Supply
January Back Up Your Data


December Manage Multiple Logins
November Improve Your Posture