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Clean Out Your PC

July 2022 — Tip of the Month

Several software utilities promise to "clean up" your PC - clearing caches, finding duplicates, and deleting unnecessary files. But no software program can physically "clean out" your computer. That's something you'll need to do yourself.

Over time, dust and debris can build up inside your computer - whether it's a laptop or desktop PC. If too much dust covers the components, it will limit heat dissipation, causing your computer to run hotter. A higher temperature means your CPU might not run at its top speed. Significant debris can even cause short circuits, which may prevent your computer from running at all.

For peak performance, it's essential to clean your PC regularly. Simple maintenance involves using a compressed air canister to blow out the vents in your laptop or the motherboard and fans in your desktop computer.

Compressed Air Canister

Advanced maintenance involves opening your computer and removing dust from the individual components. Not sure you're up to the task? Many PC repair shops offer this service.

I recommend blowing out your vents every three to four months and cleaning your computer every two years. Simple dust-reducing maintenance will help your computer perform better and last longer.

Extra tip: The location of your PC affects how much dust will accumulate inside it over time. It's best to keep your computer in an uncluttered space away from wall vents. Using an air purifier can also help. Just be sure to place the air purifier far away from the computer since dust often collects near the air purifier's location.

- Per Christensson