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CalendarJanuary 1, 2020

PC.net 2020 Tech Stock Pick: FSLY

PC.net 2020 Tech Stock Pick: FSLYLast January, I announced my 2019 stock pick — Western Digital (WDC). Before I choose a new one for 2020, let's see how WDC performed in 2019.

The price of WDC on January 1, 2019 was 36.97. The stock hit its 2019 high of 65.31 on September 13, for a gain of 76.7%. It finished the year at 63.47 for a one-year return of 71.7%. WDC also has a healthy dividend, which started the year over 5% and is now at 3.15%, thanks to the higher stock price.

My criteria for a successful stock pick are simple:

CalendarDecember 21, 2019

Improved Search for the Holidays

Improved Search for the HolidaysI was so excited to announce the new mobile-friendly PC.net, I forgot to mention a significant update we made to the PC.net search feature. We published the update just in time for the holidays — as in Thanksgiving. The new search feature has been live since late October.

The custom search engine behind PC.net Search is quite an algorithm. It allows you to search glossary terms, file extensions, online slang terms, and emoticons all from a single search box.

The autosuggest feature lists possible results as you type. You can either click the result you want or use the arrow keys to select an option from the list and press Enter to jump to the corresponding page. It's an easy way to navigate the site.

CalendarDecember 2, 2019

PC.net is Mobile-Friendly

PC.net is Mobile-FriendlyAs of 2019, PC.net is officially mobile-friendly! This is an exciting announcement and great news for the future of the website, but it begs the obvious question: What took so long? Here are a few reasons.

1. The desktop version of the PC.net scaled pretty well on mobile. The text was legible and most links could be tapped without much difficulty.

2. Based on the nature of the content, most PC.net visitors come from a desktop or laptop computer.

CalendarOctober 19, 2019

Why I Returned the iPhone 11 Pro

Why I Returned the iPhone 11 ProOh no... it happened again.

I returned the iPhone 11 Pro to Apple and went back to my iPhone 7. It is only the second Apple product I have returned in over 20 years of using Apple products. The first was the iPhone X, two years ago.

I was optimistic about the 11 Pro. I had no doubt when I preordered it that it would be an excellent replacement for my aging iPhone 7. Plus, 11 is my favorite number, so I figured it was meant to be — especially after passing on the iPhone X. But after using the 11 Pro for a week, I still didn't like it.

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