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CalendarOctober 19, 2019

Why I Returned the iPhone 11 Pro

Why I Returned the iPhone 11 ProOh no... it happened again.

I returned the iPhone 11 Pro to Apple and went back to my iPhone 7. It is only the second Apple product I have returned in over 20 years of using Apple products. The first was the iPhone X, two years ago.

I was optimistic about the 11 Pro. I had no doubt when I preordered it that it would be an excellent replacement for my aging iPhone 7. Plus, 11 is my favorite number, so I figured it was meant to be — especially after passing on the iPhone X. But after using the 11 Pro for a week, I still didn't like it.

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CalendarMay 25, 2019

Free Wi-Fi in Japan, 5 Years Later

Free Wi-Fi in Japan, 5 Years LaterI finally made it back to Japan last month, five years after my first visit. I say "finally" since I had hoped to return much sooner. Japan happens to be my favorite place in the world.

A lot can change in five years, especially with wireless technology. When I visited Japan in 2014, it was almost impossible to find free Wi-Fi. Fortunately, I purchased a 120 megabyte data plan from AT&T before leaving for my 2014 trip. This was my lifeline as traveled up north, where English signs disappeared and most people only spoke Japanese.

In April 2019, the Wi-Fi situation was completely different. I was able to find free Wi-Fi in nearly every city I visited, including Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. I even found several places with free Wi-Fi in Iwaki, located 2.5 hours north of Tokyo in the Fukushima prefecture.

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CalendarApril 1, 2019

Small Typo Sets Back Apple Design More than a Decade

Small Typo Sets Back Apple Design More than a DecadeOne small letter can make a big difference.

On March 19th, Apple announced the first update to its iMac line in almost two years. While Mac users were happy to see updated iMacs, even the most loyal Apple customers were left wondering — will there ever be a new design?

The "computer-on-a-stand" design has remained relatively unchanged since Apple released the iMac G5 in 2004. Despite growing complaints from Apple users, Apple has not strayed from the iPod-inspired design of the early 2000s. Finally, after more than a decade, information has surfaced as to why the company has been so reticent to update the design.

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CalendarMarch 26, 2019

Background Updates

Background UpdatesOK, so it has been a few months since my last Editor's Update. Instead of listing a bunch of reasons (a.k.a. excuses), I will simply distract from this fact by saying I've been busy making other updates to the site. I like to call these "background updates."

Notably, I have added several articles to the Help Center. In recent years, this section has become the most popular part of PC.net. I receive several questions a week, and while I wish I could answer all of them, I do answer the ones I can. Every once in a while I post an article based on something I learned, not user feedback. Yes, after all these years of working with computers, I am still learning new things.

One example is an article I posted yesterday about taking screenshots in macOS. When I'm doing graphics editing on my Mac, I often take screenshots of open windows and save them to the clipboard. I don't know how many times I've used the Command+Shift+Control+4 keyboard shortcut, but I'm sure it's in the thousands. The problem is macOS saves this annoying drop shadow around the window, which I often crop out in Photoshop when using the image in an web tutorial, for example.

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