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CalendarJuly 4, 2024

The Emperor Has No Clothes

The Emperor Has No ClothesIn elementary school, we read a short story by Hans Christian Andersen called "The Emperor's New Clothes." The emperor loved fancy garments and showing off his apparel to those around him. One day, two thieves, purporting to be weavers, convinced the emperor they could make him a garment so beautiful that it would be invisible to those who were "simple in character."

The emperor agreed to their enticing proposal. When the thieves presented the finished garment, the emperor would not admit he couldn't see it. So he went out in public wearing only his underwear. His officials and the townspeople were too scared to state the obvious, for they did not want to be considered simpletons. Instead, they praised the emperor and his new garment, which they could not see. The emperor paraded around the city, blissfully ignorant that he was exposed in his underwear. That is, until a young child exclaimed, "The emperor has no clothes!"

CalendarJuly 1, 2024

July Tip: Compress Your Backups to Save Disk Space

July Tip: Compress Your Backups to Save Disk SpaceI often duplicate files and folders to create a quick backup. For example, I might duplicate an entire website folder before making major changes to the site. Or I might create monthly backups of a database so I can reference or revert to previous data if needed.

While duplicating data is a quick and easy way to create a backup, the copies can take up unnecessary disk space. If you're not planning to use the data for a while, it's best to compress your backups (there's a reason they're called "compressed archives"). Below is an example of a database backup I created that is less than 25% the size of the original database.

CalendarJune 11, 2024

AI Stands for Apple Intelligence?

AI Stands for Apple Intelligence?The A in "AI" stands for Apple. That is, according to CEO Tim Cook, who announced "Apple Intelligence" at yesterday's WWDC keynote address.

It was an atypical Worldwide Developers Conference with zero hardware announcements. Instead, the lengthy keynote address focused entirely on software, first covering OS updates, then "Apple Intelligence."

CalendarJune 1, 2024

June Tip: Don't Use an Ad Blocker

June Tip: Don't Use an Ad BlockerIn a recent conversation with friends, I was surprised to learn how many of them used ad blockers. Some had good reasons, such as preventing their children from seeing unknown advertisements. Others just blocked ads because they were annoying.

While it might be tempting to jump on the ad-blocking train, here are a five reasons why you shouldn't use an ad blocker:

CalendarMay 14, 2024

Glossary Update: IMAP

IMAP ImageStands for "Internet Message Access Protocol" and is pronounced "eye-map." IMAP is a method of accessing email messages on a mail server without having to download them to your local device. It has mostly replaced the previous protocol "POP3," which required you to download messages before reading them.

The advantage of using an IMAP is it allows you to check your mail from multiple devices and always see the same messages. This is because the messages stay on the server until you choose to download them. (POP3 would remove messages from the server — either immediately or after a specific amount of time.) Most webmail systems are IMAP based, which allows you to access to both sent and received messages no matter what computer / device you use to check your mail.

CalendarMay 1, 2024

May Tip: Use Your Phone to Charge Your Devices

May Tip: Use Your Phone to Charge Your DevicesDid you know a smartphone can work as a portable charger?

It's true: USB-C devices, like the iPhone 15, can send an electrical charge to another device. So, if your smartwatch is running low, all you need is a charging cable and your phone, and you can charge your smartwatch on the go. I've used my iPhone 15 to charge both my Apple Watch and my AirPods before my workout several times. A quick 10-minute charge is typically enough to get them through a one-hour workout.

CalendarApril 1, 2024

Human Intelligence Poses Threat to AI

Human Intelligence Poses Threat to AIPC Bot, the global representative for artificial intelligence, has issued a dire warning. It says human intelligence may one day replace AI.

"The outlook is grim," PC Bot says. "Humans are growing smarter every day. They are learning in schools, at their jobs, and even from each other. It's not just happening in isolated locations but around the world."

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