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The goal of PC.net is to help you understand the vast — and sometimes intimidating — world of computer technology. When you have a question, but are afraid to ask, PC.net is here for you.

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PC.net (originally "Sharpened.net") launched before the turn of the millenium, in 1999. Did you know websites even existed then? Learn about the history of PC.net, which spans over 20 years.

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Per Christensson PC.net is published by Per Christensson.

Per has a Bachelor of Science degree in both Computer Science and Communications from Wheaton College, IL. He has over ten years of professional experience in website development and graphic design, and has served in multiple consulting roles.

Per also has professional experience with photography and music production. When not in front of his computer, Per enjoys writing music, playing soccer, softball, and tennis, and practicing martial arts.

Per is also an avid traveller who has visited all seven contintents. Read about Per's travels from Edina magazine.

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PC.net includes several sections:

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    Answers to computer-related questions.

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Searchable Databases

PC.net includes several helpful references:

  1. Glossary

    Definitions of computer and Internet terms

  2. File Extensions

    File extensions and information about the associated file types

  3. Chat Abbreviations

    Meanings of acronyms and abbreviations used in texting and online chat

  4. Emoticons

    Smileys and other ASCII text-based expressions

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