File Extensions

File Associations and Related File Types


Alice Object File
Audible Audio Book File
Sidecar Image Edit File
Automatic Backup File
Photo Album
AbiWord Document
Access 2007 Database
ACID Project File
Access Data Project
ACT! Document Template
AutoHotkey Script
Adobe Illustrator Artwork
Audio Interchange File Format
ALZip Archive
Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File
Windows Animated Cursor
Monkey's Audio
Android Package File
macOS Application Bundle
ActionScript File
Advanced Systems Format File
ASP.NET Web Service File
Active Server Page
Active Server Page Extended Webpage
Atom Syndication Format File
Audio Video Interleave File
AviSynth Script
AxCrypt Encrypted File
Amazon Kindle eBook File


Grand Theft Auto 3 Saved Game File
B1 Compressed Archive
Backup File
Chromium Bookmarks Backup
DOS Batch File
Flight Simulator Scenery File
BibTeX Bibliography Database
Bink Video File
MacBinary Encoded File
Generic Binary File
Sega Genesis Game ROM
Unix Executable File
Binary Disc Image
Backup File
Blender 3D Data File
Bitmap Image
Be-Music Source File
Blu-ray AVC Video
Quake or Source Engine Game Map
macOS Loadable Bundle
DVD IFO Backup
Bzip Compressed File
Bzip2 Compressed File


C/C++ Source Code File
Windows Cabinet File
Core Audio File
CATIA V5 Part File
Comic Book RAR Archive
Comic Book Zip Archive
CloneCD Control File
CD Audio Track Shortcut
CorelDRAW File
Internet Security Certificate
Configuration File
ColdFusion Markup File
Common Gateway Interface Script
Computer Graphics Metafile
Java Class File
Windows Command File
DOS Command File
Unix Configuration File
Configuration File
Xcode C++ Source File
Windows Control Panel Item
C++ Source Code File
Cubase Project
Canon Raw 2 Image
Windows CardSpace File
Chrome Partially Downloaded File
Security Certificate
Chromium Extension
C# Source Code File
Adobe Color Settings File
Photoshop Custom Shapes File
Visual Studio C# Project
Cascading Style Sheet
Comma-Separated Values File
AVG Update Control File
Cue Sheet File
Windows Cursor Image
Canvas Drawing


Digital Asset Exchange File
Data File
Exchange E-mail Attachment
Database File
Windows Thumbnail Cache
Database File
Outlook Express E-mail Folder
DRM Content Format File
Shockwave Media File
DirectDraw Surface Image
Debian Software Package
Video Game Demo File
Dalvik Executable File
MicroStation Design
Device-Independent Bitmap Image
Data Interchange Format
DivX-Encoded Movie
DjVu Image
Dynamic Link Library
Apple Disk Image
Windows Memory Dump
Digital Negative Image
Microsoft Word Document (Legacy)
Microsoft Word Document
Microsoft Word Document Template (Legacy)
Microsoft Word Template
Delphi Project
Digital Picture Exchange File
Device Driver
Drawing File
Digital Speech Standard File
Document Type Definition File
Microsoft Digital Video Recording
Design Web Format File
AutoCAD Drawing
Dreamweaver Webpage Template
Drawing Exchange Format File


Outlook Add-in
Electronic Data Interchange File
Enhanced Windows Metafile
E-Mail Message
Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile
Encoded File
Encapsulated PostScript File
Open eBook
EnergyPlus Weather Data File
Elder Scrolls or Fallout 4 Master File
Windows Executable File
Exchangeable Image Information File


Flash MP4 Video File
FictionBook 2.0 File
FlashBack Recording
Autodesk FBX Interchange File
Final Draft Document
Free Lossless Audio Codec File
Flash Video
FrameMaker Document
Windows Font File
Windows Font Library
FileMaker Pro 7+ Database
Mac OS X Burn Folder
IKEA Home Planner File
MySQL Database Format File
FamiTracker Module
Flash XML Graphics File


Windows Gadget
Saved Game File
Game Boy Advance ROM
Game Cache File
Microsoft Mathematics Worksheet
GEDCOM Genealogy Data File
RubyGems Package
Norton Ghost Backup File
Graphical Interchange Format File
GameMaker Project File
Geography Markup Language File
GPS Exchange File
OmniGraffle Drawing
DPlot Graph File
Gnu Zipped Archive
Gnu Zipped File


C/C++/Objective-C Header File
At Home Canada 2012 Tax Return
Hierarchical Data Format (Version 4)
HD Photo File
Windows Help File
HP-GL Plotter File
C++ Header File
BinHex 4.0 Encoded File
Apache HTACCESS File
Hypertext Markup Language File
Hypertext Markup Language File


Inventor Assembly
Multi-Touch iBook
Citrix ICA File
ICC Profile
macOS Icon Resource
Icon File
Calendar File
IronCAD 3D Scene
Inventor Drawing
Interchange File Format
Sage ACT! Email Message
Macintosh Disk Image
Disc Image Data File
IntelliJ IDEA Module
Adobe InDesign Document
Setup Information File
Windows Initialization File
Adobe InDesign Interchange File
iOS Application
Inventor Part
Disc Image File
Call of Duty Game Data File


Java Archive
Java Source Code File
Java Web Start File
Windows Journal File
JPEG 2000 Core Image
JPEG Image
JPEG Image
JPEG 2000 Image File
JavaScript File
JavaScript Object Notation File
Jakarta Server Page
XML Jakarta Server Page


Apple Keynote Presentation
Keyhole Markup Language File
Google Earth Placemark File


Generic Data Library
Software License File
eBook File
3D Landscape File
Windows Shortcut
Log File
Data List
Lua Source Code
LightWave 3D Object
LightWave 3D Scene
LZMA Compressed File


Wolfram Mathematica Language Package
Objective-C Implementation File
MPEG-2 Program Stream File
M3U Media Playlist
MPEG-4 Audio
MPEG-4 Audiobook
iTunes Video File
Maya ASCII Scene
Quake Engine Game Map
PaperPort Scanned Document
3ds Max Scene File
Maya Binary Scene
Mathcad Document
MD5 Checksum File
Microsoft Access Database
Media Disc Image File
SQL Server Database
Microsoft Document Imaging File
MathWorks Simulink Model
Half-Life Model File
Extended Media Descriptor File
Maya Embedded Language Script
Windows Mobile Encrypted File
MIDI Music Data
Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Message File
Matroska Video
Multiple-Image Network Graphic
Mobipocket eBook
Music Module File
Moho Animation Project
Apple QuickTime Movie
Montax Imposer Template Document
MP3 Audio
MPEG-4 Video
MPEG Video
MPEG Video
macOS Meta-Package
Microsoft Project File
Blizzard Mo'PaQ File
3ds Max Script
Outlook Message Item File
Windows Installer Package
Outlook In-Line Office Attachment
Windows Installer Patch
Windows Installer Setup Transform File
Maple Worksheet
ArcGIS Map Document


Nintendo 64 ROM File
Mathematica Notebook
NovaBACKUP Job File
Minecraft Note Block Studio File
Nokia Phone Backup File
Nintendo DS Game ROM
dBASE Index (Legacy)
Nikon Electronic Format RAW Image
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) ROM
Interface Builder User Interface File
KONTAKT Instrument File
Notation File
SMART Notebook File
Nero Audio Compilation
Nero CD/DVD Image File
Apple Numbers Spreadsheet
Magentic Wallpaper File
NewzBin Usenet Index File


Wavefront 3D Object File
ActiveX Control
OpenDocument Presentation
OpenDocument Spreadsheet
OpenDocument Text Document
Open Financial Exchange File
Ogg Vorbis Audio
Ogg Video
Backup File
Open Media Framework File
Outline Processor Markup Language File
OpenType Font
TomTom Points of Interest Database
Open Virtualization File


Personal Information Exchange File
S/MIME Email Message
Electronic Arts Game Package File
Apple Pages Document
PAK Compressed Archive
Partially Downloaded File
Pascal Source File
Pcap-NG Packet Capture File
Precompiled Header File
Picture File
Program Database
Palm Desktop Database File
Portable Document Format File
PowerDirector Script File
Privacy Enhanced Mail Certificate
Puppy Linux Install Package
AOL Personal Filing Cabinet
PKCS #12 Certificate File
Portable Game Notation File
PGP Security Key
PHP Source Code File
Picture Clipping File
Quake 3 Engine Game Data
macOS Installer Package
PlayStation Store Downloaded Package
Perl Script
Property List
Archicad Solo Project
Multimedia Playlist File
AutoCAD Plotter Document
Mac OS X Plugin
PageMaker Document
Portable Network Graphic
Perl POD File
Portable Pixmap Image
Serif PagePlus Document
Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show (Legacy)
Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (Legacy)
Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Mobipocket eBook File
Windows System File
Outlook Profile File
Program File
Project File
Print to File
Java Properties File
Premiere Pro Project
Windows Media Profile File
PostScript File
Adobe Photoshop Document
Photoshop Proof Settings File
PaintShop Pro Image
PaintShop Pro Image
Outlook Personal Information Store
Publisher Document
Parallels Virtual Machine
Pixelmator Image
Python Script


QuickBooks for Windows Company File
Quicken Data File
Quicken Financial Exchange File
Quattro Pro Spreadsheet
Quicken 2015 Data File
QuarkXPress Project File


Rez Source Code File
REDCODE Video File
Real Audio Metadata File
WinRAR Compressed Archive
Ruby Source Code
iMovie '08 Project
Resource Description Framework File
Remote Desktop Configuration File
Registry File
C++ Complied Resource Script
RealMedia File
RealMedia Variable Bit Rate File
Reason Song File
Read Only Memory Image
N64 Game ROM File
Red Hat Package Manager File
Crystal Reports File
Rich Site Summary
Rich Text Format File
Revit Project File


Street Atlas USA Map File
Video Game Save File
SPSS Data File
Scratch Project File
Shell Command File
ScreenCam Screen Recording
Windows Screensaver
Application Compatibility Database
Spatial Data Format File
SmartDraw Drawing
PowerTracks Pro Audio Project File
Settings File
Windows Self-extracting Archive
Bash Shell Script
3D Studio Shape
ESRI Shapefile
Sibelius Score
MrSID Image
Signature File
Symbian Installation File
StuffIt Archive
StuffIt X Archive
SketchUp Document
Visual Studio Solution File
MathWorks Simulink Model File
StepMania Song File
Super Nintendo Game ROM
SMIL Presentation File
Sound File
SPSS Program File
SPSS Output Document
ArmA Script
Structured Query Language Data File
SQLite Database
Squeeze Project File
Source Code File
Sony RAW Image
SubRip Subtitle File
STEP 3D Model
Stereolithography File
Exchange Streaming Media File
LaTeX Style
SketchUp Style
Scalable Vector Graphic
Compressed SVG File
Shockwave Flash Movie
SWiSH Project File
Swap File
Windows System File


TaxCut 2008 Tax Return
At Home 2009 Tax Return
At Home 2011 Tax Return
At Home 2012 Tax Return
H&R Block 2013 Tax Return
Tape Archive
TurboTax 2009 Tax Return
TurboTax 2010 Tax Return
TurboTax 2011 Tax Return
TurboTax 2013 Tax Return
TurboTax 2015 Tax Return
ToolBook File
TurboCAD Drawing File
Android Thumbnail Cache
Tab Delineated Format File
Textease CT Database File
LaTeX Source Document
Targa Graphic
Gzipped Tar File
Microsoft Plus! Desktop Theme
Windows 7 Theme Pack
Office 2007 Theme
Tagged Image File
Tagged Image File Format
Temporary File
Translation Memory Exchange File
Toast Disc Image
Eudora Table of Contents
Star Wars: The Old Republic Asset File
BitTorrent File
HD Video Transport Stream
Video Transport Stream File
Tab-Separated Values File
TurboTax Canada 2010 Tax Return
TurboTax Canada 2012 Tax Return
TurboTax Canada 2013 Tax Return
TrueType Font
Plain Text File


UFile 2010 Tax Return
Universal 3D File
Unity Web Player Archive
Uuencoded File


Visual Basic Project Item File
Visual Studio Visual Basic.NET Project
Spyware Doctor Temporary Scan File
Virtual CD
vCard File
VirtualBox Virtual Disk Image
Visual Studio Setup and Deployment Project
Microsoft Visio XML Drawing
VEGAS Video Project
Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk
DVD Video Object File
DVD Video Recording Format
Microsoft Visio Drawing (Legacy)
Valve Texture Format
Vue Scene File
Vectorworks Design
VoiceXML File


Warcraft 3 Map File
Warcraft 3 Expansion Map FIle
Windows Address Book
Doom WAD File
Java Web Archive
WAVE Audio
Dashboard Widget
Safari Web Archive
Microsoft Wizard File
Works Spreadsheet
Windows Media Audio
Wireless Markup Language File
Windows Media Video
WordPerfect Document
Microsoft Works Word Processor Document
Kingsoft Writer Document
WordPerfect Template
Windows Script
Web Services Description Language File
Windows Script File
Windows Recorded TV Show File
MapleStory Game Data File


Silverlight Application Package
Xara Xtreme Drawing
GIMP Image File
Xcode Project
Xbox 360 Executable File
Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File
Works Spreadsheet
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (Legacy)
Microsoft Excel Binary Spreadsheet
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet Template
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template
XML File
Cross-platform Installer Package
XML Paper Specification File
XML Schema Definition
XML Stylesheet
Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations File
Xvid-Encoded Video File


YAML Document
YUV Video File


Zero Administration Package File
Zipped File
Extended Zip Archive


Split Archive Part 1
Rhino 3D Model
3D Studio Scene
3GPP2 Multimedia File
3GPP Multimedia File
7-Zip Compressed File