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A TT12 file is a saved tax return created by TurboTax Canada 2012. It contains both federal (T1) forms and provincial tax forms for the 2012 tax year, along with data entered by the user.

Saving a TT12 file allows you to save your tax return and continue from the point where you left off at a later time. Once you complete your TurboTax return, you can print and mail it or file the return online.

Info About Intuit Canada TurboTax

TurboTax Canada is a tax software program used for preparing and filing Canadian tax returns. It includes an EasyStep feature, which guides the user through all the necessary tax forms using a simple question and answer interface. The program also allows users to enter information directly into tax forms.

TurboTax is available in the following four editions:

  • TurboTax Basic
  • TurboTax Standard
  • TurboTax Premier
  • TurboTax Home & Business

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Published December 14, 2012
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