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File Format Standard (developed by WHATWG)
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An HTML file is a Web page that contains code written in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). This code defines the format and content of the Web page and may include references to images and other types of media. When a user visits the Web page, the HTML code is parsed by the user's Web browser and the content of the Web page appears in the browser window.

HTML files can be created with a Web development program, such as Adobe Dreamweaver, or with a basic text editor. When an HTML page is loaded by a Web browser, the browser displays the content of page, rather than the HTML itself. To view the HTML source code, you can select "View Source," which is typically located in the Web browser's View menu.

Open With

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IconAdobe Dreamweaver

IconAdobe ColdFusion Builder


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Published December 21, 2009
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