File Type Nikon Electronic Format RAW Image IconNikon Electronic Format RAW Image
File Format Standard (developed by Nikon)
Usage Open manually
Popularity ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆  Common

Nikon digital cameras save RAW image files in the proprietary .NEF format. These files contain uncompressed image data captured by the camera's sensor. Therefore, exposure and white balance adjustments may be performed manually on a computer after the image has been imported from the camera.

Info About Nikon ViewNX

Nikon ViewNX is a digital photo viewer and browser included with Nikon digital cameras. It allows users to work with JPEG, TIFF, and NEF files. The program can convert RAW NEF and RAW NRW files to JPEG and TIFF files and can be used to adjust white balance, exposure compensation, and picture controls.

Nikon ViewNX is an updated version of Nikon View that is designed to work with Nikon Transfer and Capture NX.

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IconNikon ViewNX2

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IconNikon ViewNX2

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IconCorel AfterShot Pro

Published September 8, 2009
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