File Type StuffIt X Archive IconStuffIt X Archive
File Format Proprietary (Smith Micro)
Usage Open manually
Popularity ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆  Common

The SITX format is a compressed file format used by StuffIt software. It integrates file compression with security and safety options, such as 512-bit encryption.

SITX files typically provide about 20% more compression than similar .SIT files (the previous StuffIt archive format).

Info About Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe

StuffIt Deluxe is a popular file compression and expansion utility. It was originally developed for the Mac, but is now available for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. The program supports the native SIT and SITX formats, as well as many other compressed file types. StuffIt Deluxe includes file archiving and compression tools, while StuffIt Expander can only decompress archives.

Open With

IconSmith Micro StuffIt Deluxe

IconSmith Micro StuffIt Expander for Windows


IconSmith Micro StuffIt Deluxe Mac

IconSmith Micro StuffIt Expander for Mac

IconIncredible Bee Archiver

Published March 27, 2010
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