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The Portable Document Format is a universal document format developed by Adobe. It is a cross-platform standard, which allows documents to be displayed and printed the same way on multiple computers, regardless of the platform.

PDFs can be created with Adobe Acrobat and viewed with the free Acrobat Reader. They are also supported by several third-party programs, which can be used to view and export PDFs. Most Web browsers include the Acrobat plugin, which allows PDFs to be viewed directly in a browser window.

PDFs may contain text, images, forms, and other data. They can also be secured using a password or a digital signature.

Info About Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat is a program used to create and share Portable Document Files (PDFs). It can create PDFs from electronic documents, Web pages, scanned images, and screen captures. Acrobat also provides basic editing capabilities for altering the content of PDF documents. Users may also add security features to PDFs such as password protection and digital signatures using Adobe Acrobat.

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Published August 31, 2009
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