File Type Generic IconGameMaker Project File
File Format Proprietary (YoYo Games)
Usage Open manually
Popularity ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆  Common

Game development project created with Game Maker 7 or later; uses the Game Maker Language (GML), which can be automatically generated using drag-and-drop actions, or coded manually by the user.

Game Maker was originally developed by Mark Overmars, but is now distributed by YoYo Games.

Game Maker 6 files use the .GM6 extension.

Info About YoYo Games Game Maker

Game Maker is a game development program that is available in both Windows and Mac editions. It includes a graphical user interface, which allows users to create programs without writing a single line of code. Completed programs can be exported as Windows or Mac OS X applications.

Open With

IconYoYo Games GameMaker: Studio


IconYoYo Games GameMaker: Studio for Mac

Published August 30, 2007
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