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Fix Bright Spots on a Flatscreen Display

May 2021 – by Per Christensson

Do you have a flatscreen display with uneven backlighting? If so, you might be able to fix the issue in a snap — literally.

LCD displays are backlit and often have a small amount of "light bleed" near the edges. Usually, it is only noticeable on a dark screen in a dark room. But if you do notice the uneven lighting, it can be distracting. I recently experienced this issue with my new LG UltraFine 5K Display.

When I turned on the monitor for the first time, I noticed patches of light spots along the top of the screen. Instead of returning the display as defective, I attempted to fix the issue. I placed the soft part of my sweatshirt over my hand and lightly pushed along the top of the screen, below the bezel. As I did, I heard the panel snap into place. The result? The light bleed was almost completely gone.

Monitors and TVs often experience a few bumpy rides before they arrive at your home or business. So the panel (the internal part of the screen) may be slightly loose. If you notice light bleed, take a soft cloth or shirt and push lightly on the screen, near the edges. The light pressure may snap the panel back in place, eliminating or significantly reducing any bright spots.

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