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Record Call Logs

October 2017 — Tip of the Month

I have a job where I (fortunately?) don't have to talk on the phone very much. I do most of my communication via email and text messaging. But I still have a few business calls each month. Some are direct calls, but most are conference calls — you know the type where someone sends out and invite, then everyone calls the same number, enters a conference code, states their name, then awkwardly joins at different times.

Unlike email, there is no written record of who was involved or what was said during the call. It can be difficult to remember the names of everyone, let alone what each person said. That's why I have gotten in to the habit of creating call logs.

Every time I have a reasonably important phone call, I open my text editor, and write down the date, company, and people on the phone call. Then I take notes during the call. I try to include the major points that were discussed, who said what, and the "action items" that were agreed upon. I even write down some of my own responses if I have time.

I've found these call logs to be useful references when following up with companies. Sometimes I reference them a few days after the call, while other times I look them up years later. Either way, I'm grateful for the notes I took.

- Per Christensson