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Keep Your Files Organized

November 2017 — Tip of the Month

I began the lengthy process of organizing my unorganized files this week. Some of them were a few days old, some a few years.

I'm a relatively clean person and I'm usually pretty organized, so it's hard for me to admit that my files got out of control. The main culprits were my Downloads folder and my iCloud drive, which I hadn't gone through in long time. Then there is my secondary computer (my laptop), which is so unorganized, I'm scared to even start the process.

So what's the best way to avoid losing control of your files? Here are three tips.

1. Manage Your Downloads

When you download something, immediately move the file to the appropriate folder or delete the file if you don't need it. If you download a .ZIP archive, for instance, there is no need to keep both the compressed and uncompressed versions on your computer. Managing your downloads as you download each file is a great way to keep your computer clean.

2. Don't Save Files on Your Desktop

If you're the kind of person who saves files on your Desktop (like my dad), it is only a matter of time before your computer screen looks like an accountant's desk during tax season. You can avoid this by creating subfolders in your Documents and Pictures folders and saving your files there. They will be much easier to find and you might even be able see your desktop background again.

3. Commit to Regular File Cleanup

Regardless of what steps you take to be organized, some files will inevitably get saved or moved to places they shouldn't be. You can keep this problem under control by cleaning up your Desktop and primary document folders once a month. This will make the task of organizing your files manageable rather than overwhelming.

- Per Christensson