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Clean Up Your Desktop

March 2012 — Tip of the Month

Did you know your computer desktop is designed to be just like a physical desktop? The concept behind the original desktop interface was to represent the top of a work desk. It serves as a place to store and organize files.

Just like a physical desktop, your computer desktop can become easily cluttered. Since the desktop is easily accessible, it is a common place to save files and create shortcuts to programs. After a little while, however, your desktop can become so cluttered with icons, it may be difficult to find certain files.

Therefore, it is a good idea to routinely clean up your computer desktop, just like you (hopefully) do with your work desktop. This may involve creating some new folders within the Documents directory, which can be a good way to keep your files organized. By moving files from your desktop into folders, you may find that it actually becomes easier to locate your files.

Since we all have our own way of organizing files, I can't tell you what method is best for you. Some people prefer to keep certain files, folders, and shortcuts on their desktop at all times. Others prefer a desktop that includes the fewest icons possible. Whatever your preference is, cleaning up your desktop on a regular basis will help you keep track of your files. It will also give you that same clean and organized feeling you get when you finish filing away those stacks of papers on your desk.

- Per Christensson