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Remember to Set Reminders

June 2017 – by Per Christensson

I am typically an early adopter of technology, but for some reason switching from my paper calendar to a digital one was a difficult transition. There was something about writing down events with a pen that I didn't want to give up. But as my smartphone became a more integral part of my life, I realized I was unnecessarily managing my life with two calendars — the one in my home and the one on my phone.

A few years ago I finally made the logical decision to ditch the paper calendar and I've never looked back. My events automatically sync across my iPhone, iMac, and other devices, ensuring I always have the latest information available for my daily schedule. But one of my favorite uses for the digital calendar is the ability to set reminders.

For example, I'll put a note in my calendar a week out to send a thank you letter to a friend or business. I might add an event to leave the back gate unlocked the night before an early morning irrigation inspection. One of my favorite uses is to add an event to cancel a subscription just before the 30-day trial ends. This has enabled me to try out several services without accidentally paying for it after the free trial period.

Setting a reminder in your calendar is easy. Just add an event with a quick note about what you need to do. Then add an alert to the event. This will make sure your phone, tablet, or computer gives you the reminder at the right time. If you've never done this before, I recommend trying it. I've found it actually makes my life less stressful by ensuring I don't forget to do important things.

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