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Make Use of Travel Lock

March 2018 — Tip of the Month

Traveling? Chances are you're taking some electronics with you. Many portable devices with an on/off switch offer a "travel lock" option, which allows you to lock the device in the off position. This prevents the device from accidentally turning on during transport, which can quickly drain the battery.

Razor Travel Lock

This month's tip is to use the "travel lock" switch if your device has it. Why? Because during my recent trip, I forgot to lock the power switch on my razor and when I arrived, the battery was drained. It wouldn't have been a big problem except I left the power adapter at home since I didn't think I would need it. So I arrived with a powerless, and therefore useless, razor.

Not all portable electronics with an on/off switch have a travel lock option. If your device doesn't have a travel lock, you can create your own travel lock by putting a piece of tape over the switch. You can also use a carrying case to prevent the button from getting bumped inadvertently.

Next time you take a trip, use the travel lock on any devices that offer it. It will help ensure you can actually use your electronics when you arrive.

- Per Christensson