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Get Organized (Electronically)

January 2016 — Tip of the Month

It's the beginning of the year and time to get organized (again). For some of us, that means cleaning up our office and finally going through those piles of papers and receipts. Filing away all those papers can result in a clean desktop and workspace, which might help you feel more organized and productive.

Cleaning up your computer can have the same cathartic effect. Besides reducing clutter on your desktop, you can also go through other folders and organize them as well. Examples include Downloads, photos, music, and documents. You might find some files that you forgot about and some you just need to throw away. You can move the good files to more specific locations and delete the unnecessary files. As a result, you'll be able to find your important files more quickly and you'll free up some disk space as well.

If organizing your files gets you in the cleaning zone, you can also organize those website bookmarks and delete the ones that are no longer valid. If your Inbox is overflowing, it might be a good time to sort your email messages as well.

- Per Christensson