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Get Rid of Audio Noise

September 2016 — Tip of the Month

Have you ever adjusted a volume dial and heard a crackling sound? Or maybe you've adjusted your headset connection on your phone and heard a crunching noise. In both cases the "dirty" sound might actually be caused by dirt.

Over time, audio components can become covered with dust and other debris. Unwanted particles seep into the cracks and holes of electronic products. The electrical current can even attract more dust than other objects.

While a little dust isn't bad, enough microscopic particles can cause interference in audio connections. This can make analog connections sound crackly and digital connections cut out completely.

The solution? Clean out the debris. In rare cases, you may need to open up the device and wipe down the metal contacts (after turning off the power). A compressed air canister is another good way to get rid of pesky particles.

However, in most cases, you can fix a crunchy signal by quickly twisting the connection back and forth several times. For example, if your smartphone's audio crackles every time you make a slight movement, twist the audio cable back and forth in its place ten times or so. If the volume control or another knob on an audio device causes clicks or pops when you move it, simply turn it back and forth a few times and the noise may fade away. It's a simple fix, but definitely one worth knowing.

- Per Christensson