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Use Your Lighting Wisely

August 2016 — Tip of the Month

Most modern computer monitors and laptop displays have a reflective coating. Some are more reflective than others, but they all produce at least some glare when light shines on them. This can cause annoying bright spots and lines on your screen as you're working.

The solution? Face the primary light source. If you're setting up your desk at an office, make sure you face the window so the light comes from behind your monitor. If you're working at a coffee shop, do your best to find a seat where you can look outside — not one where your back is against the window. You'll experience less glare and hopefully you can also enjoy an occasional glance outside.

In places where you can't face the light source — such as rooms with strong overhead lighting — you can still angle your screen away from the light. For example, tilting your screen or monitor down even a few degrees can help rid your display of glare. Less glare means less strain on your eyes, which can help you work longer and avoid damage to your eyes. I often wear non-polarized glasses when I work in bright areas since it noticeably relaxes my eyes. Some people might think it's strange to wear sunglasses inside. But that doesn't matter to me because I think I look cool.

- Per Christensson