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Lower Your Hands for Correct Typing Posture

October 2021 — Tip of the Month

If you spend several hours a day typing on a keyboard, you're probably familiar with the tight forearms and wrist pain that go along with it. Pressing thousands — or tens of thousands — of keys per day can take a toll. That's why it's essential to have the correct hand position when you type.

Fun fact — nearly all desks are too high for correct typing posture. They force you to raise your hands above your elbows, reducing blood flow and increasing strain on your wrists. The result is faster fatigue in your forearms, wrists, and fingers.

If most desks are too tall, how do you lower your hands below your wrists? The easy solution is to raise your seat. If you have an adjustable chair, raise the seat so that your forearms are at least parallel with the ground. Your keyboard should be just below your elbows. If this height causes your feet to dangle, you'll need a lower desk to complete the correct ergonomic setup. Many desks are 30" tall, so an ideal solution is an adjustable desk that can be lowered to 28" or lower.

▶ An adjustable desk is helpful since you can vary the height and use it with multiple chairs.

The final step is to use a wrist rest for both your keyboard and mouse. By lowering your hands below your elbows and keeping your wrists straight, you'll enjoy hours of pain-free typing. Most importantly, you'll avoid carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries that can cause long-term problems.

- Per Christensson