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Clean Your (Physical) Desktop

October 2018 — Tip of the Month

A few years ago, I published a monthly tip about cleaning up your computer's desktop. I still think keeping the desktop of your PC uncluttered is an important part of an organized workspace. But what about your physical desktop?

I have had several renovations completed over the past few weeks and my home office has become increasingly cluttered. My usually clean desks have become storage areas for ever-growing piles of papers, boxes, tools, and who knows what else. I recently realized this was subconsciously affecting the way I felt about working at my desk. I was avoiding sitting at my computer because the workspace felt cluttered.

There is a direct relationship between clutter and stress. So if you reduce clutter, that can reduce stress. We all have different thresholds of what we consider "messy," but even people with low cleanliness standards appreciate a clean environment.

So keep your workspace clean! File those papers into folders or a file cabinet before they pile up on your desk. Better yet, go paperless and scan those documents into your computer. Get a business card organizer for that stash of business cards and pen holder for those writing utensils scattered around your office.

Cleaning your desk might take some time and keeping it clean will require regular maintenance. But it's worth it. A clean desk provides an inviting workspace. A messy desk just might scare you away.

- Per Christensson