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Don't Drop Your Phone

November 2016 — Tip of the Month

I recently read that over 50% of smartphone users have broken their phone's screen at some point. Just over 20% of smartphone owners currently have a cracked screen. These stats are not too surprising since most of us use our smartphones every day and they're pretty easy to drop.

So how do you avoid dropping your phone?

"Just don't drop it" is not great advice, since nobody actually tries to drop their phone (unless they're doing one of those smartphone drop tests that are so popular on YouTube). Instead, here are three practical ways you can avoid becoming another statistic.

  1. Get a grippy case.

    Everyone knows that cases can help protect phones whey you drop them. But just as important, they can help you avoid dropping them in the first place. Cases are especially helpful for phones with hard surfaces like the iPhone which can easily slide out of your hand. Putting a grippy rubber case on your phone will make this much less likely.
  2. Take extra care when removing your phone from your purse or pocket.

    A significant percentage of drops occur when people take their phone out of their purse or pants pocket. The phone can easily catch on something as you're pulling it out. If you aren't paying close attention, the next thing you know, your phone is on the floor with a broken screen. Carefully removing your phone will prevent this common occurrence.
  3. Use a headset.

    Not only is a headset a good idea for your posture, it's also a good idea for your phone. By using a headset, you can keep your phone in your pocket and not have to worry about it falling out. Just make sure not to place the phone on a tall surface while you're using your headset, then forget that phone is attached and walk away. This will have the opposite effect.

I've followed these rules since I bought my first iPhone in 2007 and have yet to break a screen. While no phone is immune to breakage, these three tips should help minimize the risk.

- Per Christensson