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Restart Your Voicemail Message

July 2015 — Tip of the Month

Have you ever left a voicemail for someone and wished there was an undo button so you could redo your message? Fortunately, there is.

Nearly all voicemail systems have an "Erase and Rerecord" option. The way to erase your message varies between service providers, but the most common way to erase your message is to press "3" on your phone's keypad. Some systems erase the message immediately when you press "3," while others provide you with a list of menu options. Typically, pressing "3" again will erase your message and allow you to rerecord it.

If pressing "3" doesn't do anything, you should press the "#" key, which is the standard button for listing the menu options. "1" is typically used to send your message, "2" allows you to listen to the message before sending it, and "3" erases the message so you can start over. If you hang up immediately after pressing "3," no message will be left.

So if you ever find your self in a bind while leaving a message, just think of "3" as your Undo key.

- Per Christensson