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Take a Social Media Hiatus

June 2018 – by Per Christensson

I deactivated my Facebook and Instagram accounts last week for the first time since signing up for Facebook over ten years ago. It feels pretty good.

Call it a break, hiatus, or detox — pressing pause on your social networking services can provide a some needed balance in your life. At least that's how it has helped me.

Deactivating your primary social media accounts may seem crazy. But that's sort of the point. For many of us, checking Instagram or posting snap stories has become such a significant part of our lives, that it seems crazy to go more than 24 hours without it. "But I might miss seeing my friends' stories!," you say. Yes, but it actually doesn't matter.

I was pretty consistent in checking Instagram and Snap stories on a daily basis up until the day I deactivated my accounts. I would also check Facebook a few times each day. So have I missed these daily activities? Surprisingly, not really. It's actually kind of nice to feel like I don't "need" to check my Instagram. I have found it's possible to just stand and wait in line like a human being without looking at my phone.

I haven't decided when I will reactivate my accounts, but I don't feel any rush to jump back in. The past week has helped me focus on other things besides social media. I have felt less stressed, I've tried some new activities, and I've cleaned up some things around my house just to name a few benefits.

Now if I can just find a way to deactivate my phone number and email accounts...

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