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Read Your Email Before Sending It

February 2015 — Tip of the Month

Before you send your next email, read through it before clicking Send. Better yet, make it a habit to read each email before you send it. You might be surprised how many errors you find.

While I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist, I regularly find typos and grammatical errors in my emails. Fortunately, I usually find the errors before anyone else sees them since I double-check my messages before sending them. I find this extra pass also helps me refine some of my language, which is especially important in business communication.

As a business owner, I receive a lot of email. It surprises me how many people don't read their email messages before sending them. Their emails often include multiple grammatical errors and sometimes even missing words that make the them hard to understand. I've received several emails with my name spelled incorrectly, which makes the rest of the message lack credibility.

Email is not texting. If you want people to take you seriously, it is to your benefit to give all your emails a second pass before hitting Send. You'll catch those small errors that may have detracted from your message and appear more professional.

- Per Christensson