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Organize Your Photos Monthly

February 2021 — Tip of the Month

In a typical month, I take dozens of photos with my iPhone. When I'm traveling, that number might climb into the thousands. The photos get stored in iCloud in a jumbled mess and I hardly ever organize them.

It turns out this is normal.

Most people do not regularly organize their photos. Instead, they publish their favorites to social networking websites and don't bother to organize the rest of them. As a result, thousands, or even tens of thousands, of unorganized photos end up floating around on various devices. Many of these photos are near duplicates and many aren't worth keeping. But we keep them anyway.

Organizing Photo Library

Last month, I tried to organize my photos starting from January 2015. But it was so overwhelming, I gave up. After 30 minutes, I hadn't even organized my CES photos from 2015. I realized the imrportance of regular photo maintenance.

So I made a point to organize my photos each month. At the beginning of each month, I'll review my photos from the previous month, delete ones I don't need, categorize notable photos, and label my favorites. Organizing a single month of photos (that don't include a full week at CES) takes less than 30 minutes.

Not sure it's worth the time to organize your photos each month? Consider the following benefits:

  1. Removing unneccesary photos saves disk space on your phone, computer, and cloud account.
  2. Trimming your photo library makes it easier to browse.
  3. Categorizing photos makes it easier to find specific photos at a later date.
  4. Reviewing your photo library may help you realize what type of photos are worthwhile taking.

If you haven't organized your photos in years, you can organize them in small batches. For example, each month, you can arrange the last month of photos as well as a month of images from several years ago. The trip down memory lane might be a fun side benefit.

Important: Having trouble deleting old photos? Back up your data before starting the process and you can be more liberal when choosing which photos to delete.

- Per Christensson