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CES 2015 Overview

January 15, 2015 – by Per Christensson

If you ever feel overwhelmed by negative news and start worrying about the future of the world, CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas is the cure. Thousands of companies from around the world come together to showcase their latest products and innovations, providing inevitable hope for today and the future.

I had a chance to attend this year's CES last week and it was awesome. I was struck by how far technology has come in just the two years since I was at CES 2013. Not only have major leaps in audio and video taken place, but whole new product categories are now taking off.

CES 2015 - Audio prototype

New themes at this year's CES included driverless cars, drones, wearables, virtual reality, wireless charging, and the Internet of Things. Within each of these categories are several new products that are not just cool ideas, but are real devices already in production. It was encouraging to see so many companies creating completely new products and, as I've been known to say, "pushing technology forward."

CES 2015 - Oculus booth

Since there were so many different types of products at CES, it is impossible to provide a meaningful overview of the expo in a brief article. I'll provide more details about what I found at CES in my next two updates.

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