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1. How do I connect a mobile device to my TV?
2. Why can't I connect my laptop to a TV using a VGA cable?
3. How do I connect my laptop to an HDTV?
4. What does "OSD Locked" mean?
5. Why is monitor's screen blank when I start up my computer?
6. I changed my monitor's color settings and can't see anything now. What should I do?
7. How can I connect my computer to a TV or television screen?
8. Why is my monitor's screen smaller than advertised?
9. Why does a 20" flat screen display have a larger screen than a 20" CRT monitor?
10. Can I hook up two computers to one display or monitor?
11. If I hook up two monitors to my computer, can two people work on the system at the same time?
12. Why is the picture on my monitor fuzzy?
13. How many monitors can I hook up to my desktop computer?
14. Why does my monitor display a "Sync. Out of Range" error message?