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Internet Questions

1. How do I get Internet speeds over 1 Gbps?
2. How do I activate Multi-Gig Internet with Ethernet port aggregation?
3. Will minimizing or hiding my browser window affect my download speed?
4. What does the letter "L" mean in an email message?
5. Why do I get a 400 error when visiting a website?
6. Why can't I access the Internet when I have a Wi-Fi connection?
7. What is an HTTP 503 error?
8. Why do videos skip when I watch them online?
9. What does "URL expired" mean?
10. Why do other people have the same IP address as me?
11. How do I clear my history and other saved data from my web browser?
12. Why is my Internet connection slower than the maximum speed of my modem?
13. How do I publish photo descriptions on Facebook using iPhoto?
14. Why do I need to specify port numbers in my Internet applications?
15. How do I set up a wireless Internet connection?
16. What is the difference between upstream and downstream traffic?
17. What are phishing and pharming and how are they different?
18. How do I insert emoticons in Instant Messenger and online discussion boards?
19. What does Windows XP ICS/ICF status mean?
20. Can my Xbox and computer use the same Internet connection?
21. What are ten things the Internet cannot help me with?
22. What does ".com" stand for in domain names?
23. Which is better or faster - a Cable or DSL modem?
24. What's the difference between email, online chat, and instant messaging?
25. Can I use the same Internet service on two different computers?
26. What are computer viruses and how can I protect myself from them?
27. What is the purpose of a Web host and why would I need one?
28. What kind of files can be downloaded using FTP?