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Can I use the same Internet service on two different computers?

Answer: If you connect to the Internet via 56K modem, most ISPs will allow you to use the same service on multiple computers as long as they're not connected at the same time. To set up another computer for Internet access, just open the Internet control panel and enter the same information that is in the Internet control panel of your other computer. If this doesn't work, run the Internet Setup Wizard (in the same control panel) and enter the correct information there.

If you connect to your ISP using a DSL or cable modem, you should first check with your ISP to see if using two computers is OK. If so, you can connect your modem from your computer to a hub and have multiple other computers connected to the hub as well. Then, once you connect to the Internet (with the computer that is attached to the modem), all computers connected to the hub can be online at the same time.

Published: March 20, 2000 — by Per Christensson

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