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February 6, 2000 — by Per Christensson

Well, I have some big news this week. A couple of days ago, by accident, I found out that the domain "sharpened.com" was no longer registered. Whoever had it before didn't renew it. Well, when I found this out, I did not hesitate in registering for myself. Hahaha. Now I am the proud owner of both Sharpened.net and Sharpened.com.

So what does this mean for Sharpened.net? Well, nothing for now. I have yet to decide what to do with my newly acquired domain. I might transfer Sharpened.net to it or I might use it for something totally different. I'm just too dang busy right now to decide what to do, let alone start a whole new site. A couple of minor fixes and updates were made to Sharpened.net this past week, but nothing major. Some larger updates should happen in the next couple weeks. Thanks for stopping by. Later.