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About the Editor

October 8, 2000 — by Per Christensson

Even though there wasn't an "Editor's Update" last week, I still did quite a bit of work on the site. I updated the Glossary, the Search Page, and the Best of the Web. This past week, I also added an "About the Editor" page, which you can visit by clicking the link in the right-hand column of this page.

Sometimes, the more busy you are, the easier it is to get stuff done. And I was dang busy last week. I played an average of two intramural games a day, went skateboarding three different days, and played flag football for a couple of hours yesterday. I also had some homework I had to do. Yet, I still was able to get some work done on the world's greatest web site, Sharpened.net.

In the near future, I will be adding a new page to the site with my personal favorite sites as well as web sites submitted by visitors. So, if you want your web site listed on Sharpened.net, click here to submit it. Thanks!