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Back from Peru

August 13, 2001 — by Per Christensson

I suppose it's time for another update. The week before last week I was in Peru. I went with a group of 243 people from my church. What an amazing experience. Most of the people there were very poor, yet they were also very joyful. Somewhat the opposite of a lot of people I know in the U.S... Needless to say, I didn't get too much work done on Sharpened.net during that time. When I got back last week, my Inbox was bulging with 172 e-mails. Oh joy. I suppose that falls under the "too much of a good thing" category. I'm still working on reading through them and replying to the ones I can.

I've also been spending a large portion of my time recording music on my new keyboard (see the previous update). It's been some of the most fun and frustrating work I've ever done. I guess when it's done, it will all be worth it. I hope. Once my friend and I get some songs finished, I'll post them up on Sharpened.net so you can experience this amazing music first-hand. Hey, how many webmasters allow visitors free access to their latest cuts? That's what I thought.