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The Busiest Week Ever

December 13, 2001 — by Per Christensson

All my other excuses for being busy pale in comparison to this. In a period of two weeks, I have to complete four papers, take two final exams, and give two presentations. "Why is that so bad?," you ask. Well, what makes my situation so horrible is that my Economics project, which was a semester-long task, didn't quite go as planned. Because I couldn't find the data I needed, I had to start over from scratch yesterday. My presentation on my research and findings is tomorrow. Then I have roughly a 12 page paper to write on the topic. Add to that a 14-18 page Communication Criticism research paper, an 11 page History paper, and an 8 page paper for Computer Science, and you can see my dilemma.

So, how did I find time to write this update? Good question. I suppose being busy fosters more work. I also have compiled what I hope is enough information to present my Economics project tomorrow, so this is my break. Of course, one of my finals is tomorrow as well, so I can only sit around for so long. Needless to say, by the time Thursday night rolls around, and the semester is over, I will be rather relieved. Well, I have to go. Really.