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Another Annoying Valentine's Day

February 14, 2002 — by Per Christensson

Well, it's February 14th. I guess that means that it's time for my annual Valentine's Day rant.

I'll be straight with you — I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day. Why? Because every year, I see people making each other happy by exchanging Valentine's Day cards and gifts. OK, that's not so bad; in fact I like seeing other people be happy. The problem arises when people come up to me and say, "So, Per, what are you doing for Valentine's Day?" or "So, did you get any fun Valentines?" or "So, who is your special Valentine, Per?" The answers are, "Nothing," "No," and "No one." Man. If you're going to ask me any of those questions, you might as well kick me in the face and then ask me again. I wouldn't even notice.

Now, I'm not going to say Valentine's Day is my least favorite day of the year, even though it is. It's just tough going through the same thing every year. I know others can relate, and with you I share my sympathy. However, none of those people seem to be around me on Valentine's Day. Maybe they hide in a hole all day, which is perhaps what I should start doing. Nevertheless, I hope that you had a happy Valentine's Day and that it was far better than mine.