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New iMacs Redefine Innovation

April 1, 2002 — by Per Christensson

In a recent press conference, Apple announced their new iMac design was already getting old and planned to release a new iMac next week. While sources differ in their information, it appears that the new iMac will ship with a G3 processor, a 2 GB hard drive and 16 MB of RAM. While this seems like a substantial downgrade from the current model, CEO of the company, Steve Jobs, has a different opinion. "We plan on shipping this new iMac in a bunch of different colors. We expect high demand for the new models, because people like colors. And that's what we're going to give them." Besides the color, the new iMac will look just like the current model and cost the same, but the screen will be sold separately. Apple representitives claimed the higher price was due to "things in Asia."

In a related story, graphics hardware giant, NVIDIA, announced they would be renaming the GeForce2 chips that ship with the Apple iMacs. "We named the chips 'GeForce' because it nearly rhymed with "G4," said an NVIDIA spokesperson. "We noticed a performance increase of nearly 80% when the graphic chip's name was close to the name of the CPU." To compensate for the new G3-based iMacs from Apple, NVIDIA is planning on changing the name of the chip to the "GeThreece333." Next month, the company plans to release a chip called the "Mentium Horse" that will ship with Pentium 4 computers.

In the PC world, Gateway and Dell announced they were also working on completely revamping their computer designs. Dell representatives claimed the new machines would use a slightly lighter shade of beige, while nothing else would really change. Gateway announced their new design would feature nothing new, but that a small stuffed animal in the form of a cow would come in each box. Microsoft also announced a major upgrade to their highly-acclaimed Windows XP operating system. A Microsoft representative stated the new version will feature the same bugs and security holes as the old version, but it will include a new start-up chime. The upgrade should be available in one and a half years.

Happy First of April.