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New Eco-Friendly Computers

April 1, 2007 — by Per Christensson

Recently, there has been growing public concern about the environment. Whether it is because of high gas prices, the results of global warming studies, or for other reasons, many people have taken a renewed interest in protecting the environment. This concern has not gone unnoticed by several major computer manufacturers, which have decided to jump on the environmentally conservative bandwagon.

Several computer companies have announced plans to build new environmentally-friendly computers, called eco-machines. Each company plans on incorporating unique measures to help reduce waste and save the environment. The following are a few examples of eco-machines announced by some well-known manufacturers.

Dell - The number one computer manufacturer will be introducing a new line of computers that will save resources and cut costs at the same time. Dell says it will ship its eco-friendly desktop computers in flat-packs, IKEA-style. Each computer will arrive in a flat cardboard box, no more than two inches thick. The computer will need to be assembled by the owner using a manual that describes each step using simple drawings.

Hewlett Packard - HP, well-known for its inkjet and laser printers, plans on taking the "multifunction printer" or ("MFP" for those in the know) to a new level. HP's new system, called the "MFPC," will be a computer/printer/scanner/copier device that incorporates a full printer, scanner, and copier into the computer itself. Some models will also include a fax option. HP says a single slot will be used to load paper as well as CDs, DVDs, and memory cards.

Sony - Sony's new systems will use a breakthrough media format that requires absolutely no energy to read or write to. However, the format is unlikely to catch on because it uses proprietary technology that can only be read by Sony products. The Japanese computer manufacturer also claims their new computer line will get better gas milage than American computers.

eMachines - The low-cost PC manufacturer plans to produce computers that are completely biodegradable. Once the computer becomes obsolete, the user can press a key combination that will cause the computer to overheat and burn itself up. The keyboard shortcut that starts this process is rumored to be "Control-Alt-Help."

Apple - The new ecoMac will be built using a combination of recycled Apple IIe parts and plant soil. In order to run efficiently, the machine will need to placed in direct sunlight and should be watered at least once a week. To save additional power, the user can choose from three performance levels including "Low," "Ridiculously Low," and "Hardly Even Running." The ecoMac will be Apple's first product to sport the new case color "recycled brown."