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Windows Vista Poll Results

June 13, 2007 — by Per Christensson

Summer is here and that means it's time for a new Sharpened.net Poll. Actually, the previous poll has become rather outdated, so the new poll is somewhat overdue. But I like summer, so that is going to be the official reason for introducing the new poll.

In the previous poll, I asked you what your favorite operating system was. A whopping 61% of you chose Windows Vista. 16.2% chose the classic Windows 2000 OS, while Mac OS X came in at a close third with 14.7% of the total vote. Linux rounded out the top four with 6.3%.

It is not surprising that Windows XP led the group with over 60% of the votes. However, if over 80% of people use Windows Vista, that means about 20% are not using their favorite operating system. Mac OS X had less than 15% of the vote, but considering the Macintosh market share remains under 7 perecent, that shows there is some unrealized potential for the Mac OS.

Of course, the poll was a bit outdated, since the choices did not include Windows Vista. Therefore, I am curious to know how you Windows Vista users have liked the new operating system. So let me know by voicing your opinion in the new Sharpened.net Poll!