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Can I Get Some Privacy Please?

April 1, 2008 — by Per Christensson

Gabby Talksalot has had a bad day. And it's all because of what she calls "a complete invasion of privacy." Read her story to find out why.

"It all began when I got to school and talked with my boyfriend. He said he wasn't sure if he wanted to go out with me anymore. I was like, 'W/e, idk wat ur talking about!' He told me he read some stuff in my blog where I described my feelings for him. He said it was just too mushy for him to handle. As if! I can't believe he read my personal blog! That is so not cool. He should be ashamed of himself. I don't want 2 talk 2 him anyway. Though I really hope he calls me.

"A a few hours later, I ran into my BFF Amy on the way to class. She said she was really upset with me since I didn't invite her to the party last Friday. I could only bring one person, so I went with my BFF Sarah, since it had been like 4ever since we hung out. But I had rly hoped Amy wouldn't find out because I knew she would ttly want 2 go. I guess she saw a bunch of pictures I posted on my Facebook profile that I took at the party. I mean I only posted like 78 photos, so I'm rly surprised Amy noticed. I can't believe she would pry into my personal life like that. It's her fault for being so nosy.

"Then I got home, and my mom was like, 'Is it true that you skipped school yesterday?' I was like, 'WDYM?' She was like, 'Well, the pictures you published in your MySpace album last night, entitled "Skipping School," made me wonder.' I was like, 'OMG mom! WRUD prying into my personal life like that?' She actually viewed the photos in my MySpace album! How inconsiderate! I was like, "I only skipped one class, and it wasn't even a BD." But then my mom grounded me anyway.

"So I went to my room and blogged about my day. Then, like an hour later, I had all these new posts from total strangers saying how like not smart I was. I mean, I added them all as friends, but I've never met them, so I can't believe they would write on my wall like that. I hope they don't view my photos too. It's just such a complete invasion of privacy! I mean, 4 serious. This has been worst day ever."

When asked about how she intends to deal with the situation, Gabby replied, "IDK, I think I just need to blog about this right now. Maybe I'll take some pictures of myself that show how depressed I am and post those too."

Happy April 1st, and remember to always use discretion in what you post on social networking websites or anywhere else online.