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Sharpened.net Turns Eleven

May 14, 2010 — by Per Christensson

Today is the 11th anniversary of Sharpened.net! While it may seem anti-climatic after last year's 10th anniversary, 11 happens to be my favorite number, so I am just as excited.

When a person turns 11, he or she is considered to be rather young. However, an 11 year old website is considered to be pretty old. For example, the domains Google.com and Facebook.com were registered in 1997 — only 13 years ago. I registered Sharpened.net two years later, which I guess qualifies the website for veteran status.

The Web has changed quite a bit during the past eleven years. It has morphed from a collection of static informational pages to a dynamic interactive experience shared by global community. Web 2.0 websites have provided new means social networking and HTML5 is now making it easier than ever for users to publish and share media on the Web.

Through all these changes, Sharpened.net has remained relatively the same. The website has stayed true to its original purpose of being a user-friendly computer and Internet resource. When I redesign the website later this year, I may include some new Web technologies, but not if they take away from the usability of the website. It's most important that Sharpened.net remains a simple, easy-to-use website and that will be true for years to come.