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Double Resolution Displays May Be a Reality

February 24, 2011 — by Per Christensson

The self-admitted craziest prediction I made last year was that monitors may soon have double the resolution of current models. When I learned today from MacRumors.com that the next version of Mac OS X (10.7 "Lion") will have double resolution display support built-in, my jaw about dropped to the ground. Like I said, this was my craziest prediction, so to hear that it may be true surprised even me.

If the rumors are true, double resolution monitors will have a huge impact on the way we work with computers. Graphics editors will be able to view and edit photos in much greater detail without the need to zoom in. Video editors will be able to edit ultra-high res video (like the video captured by RED cameras) in full resolution. Gamers will experience a leap forward in graphic realism. Even ordinary consumers will notice much clearer text when writing papers or reading emails.

Most significantly, double-resolution displays will make current displays appear outdated pretty quickly. I know when I first started using my iPhone 4 with the "retina display," my computer screen started looking blurry. Retina displays in larger monitors will have the same effect.

If you just bought a new large-screen monitor, don't worry. The transition to double-resolution displays won't be a quick one. The new displays will most likely cost significantly more than current models and not everyone will be lining up to upgrade right away. But some people (like myself) just might. I would love to have double resolution monitors for my workstation. For some reason, I feel it would improve my quality of life significantly.

There is no information yet about when these types of monitors may become available, but I'm hoping for a summer release date alongside the new Mac Pros. That's more of an overly optimistic desire than a realistic prediction, but hey, it's still possible.