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A Better Way to Fly

August 1, 2011 – by Per Christensson

Delta iPhone App I flew to Colorado this weekend without printing a boarding pass or checking in at the airport.

My paperless traveling experience was made possible by the Delta iPhone app (also available for Android and Blackberry). The Delta app allows you to check in for your flight directly from your phone. It then displays your boarding pass on the screen, which means no printing necessary. Instead of scanning a paper boarding pass at the security checkpoint and the departure gate, you just scan your phone.

As most travelers know, it can a hassle to print your boarding pass when you are traveling. Printing the boarding pass for flight out is usually no problem, but finding a printer when you are traveling can be difficult. I've often had to check in at the airport to get my boarding pass for the flight home. Thanks to the Delta app, I didn't have to find a printer or check in at the airport.

The Delta app alerts you exactly 24 hours before your flight to let you know you can check in. You simply tap "Check In" on your phone to check in for your flight. You can even change your seat and select how many bags you need to check, if any. Once you're checked in, you can view your boarding pass (as shown in the picture above), which also displays your flight information, including your gate, seat, and boarding zone.

I am impressed with how well the Delta app works. It's simple, intuitive, and best of all, it makes airline travel easier. No more searching for a printer or waiting in line to check in. No more fumbling for your boarding pass while you're carrying your bags. All you need is your smartphone. I'm not often impressed by new technology, but the Delta iPhone app is pretty cool.

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