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Sharpened.net is now PC.net

May 1, 2012 — by Per Christensson

I am excited to announce that Sharpened.net is now PC.net!

Sharpened.net is now PC.net When I registered "sharpened.net" in 1999, it was the best unregistered domain name I could find. The name represented my passion for swords as well as my desire for knowledge. I soon launched a computer help website with the slogan, "Sharpening your knowledge of computers and the Internet." Over the past 13 years, Sharpened.net has grown into a popular computing resource with regular visitors from around the world.

Today, on May 1st, 2012, Sharpened.net becomes PC.net. The new name is elegant in its simplicity and yet represents the broad scope of personal computer (PC) topics that Sharpened.net has covered over the years. Not only do the letters "PC" stand for "personal computer," but they just happen to match my initials as well.

Compared to Sharpened.net, PC.net is easier to type, easier to remember, and yes, definitely easier to say. The two D's in a row in "sharpened dot net" were not easy to pronounce, and this fact was not lost on me over the years. Therefore, I made sure to choose a new name that should have no pronunciation issues whatsoever.

Now that Sharpened.net is PC.net, you may notice a few other name changes throughout the website as well. For example, the Sharpened Glossary is now the PC Glossary, the Computing Help Center is now the PC Help Center, and the Sharpened Resources section is now the PC Resources section. Additionally, nearly all references to Sharpened.net have been updated to PC.net, except for the History section, which chronicles the history of the website.

Besides the small changes above, everything remains the same. I still exclusively own and run the website. This isn't some kind of merger or buyout like when CNET bought VersionTracker.com and the owner of VersionTracker said nothing would change, but within a year the entire website was absorbed into Download.com and not even a small trace of VersionTracker was left. This isn't like that. The new domain name is the only change.

I do, however, have some exciting plans for later this year. Switching to PC.net is the first step in a series of improvements I plan on making to the website this year. Specifically, there are two more major updates coming in the next few months. I have a feeling that you regular visitors will especially appreciate the next one. While I am not giving out any hints yet, let's just say the update is long overdue.

It is with a bit of nostalgic sadness that I say goodbye to the old domain name, since Sharpened.net was my first website and will always hold a special place in my heart. But Sharpened.net lives on in PC.net. I hope you will continue to find this website to be an enjoyable and useful resource for many years to come.

- PC