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Introducing the Mini Review

March 21, 2013 — by Per Christensson

During the past year, I published several product reviews on PC.net. While I enjoy reviewing products and publishing my analysis, these written assessments a lot of time to compose. I have neglected reviewing several products simply because I haven't had the time to write a lengthy review. Therefore, after reviewing my review policy, I decided something is better than nothing and have decided to introduce the "Mini Review."

Mini Reviews will be short reviews that cover a product's basic features and include notable pros and cons. I plan to limit each review to no more than five paragraphs, followed by a summary, the pros and cons list, and a final rating. While I won't go into much detail in each Mini Review, I still aim to make them informative enough that they will assist in your purchasing decisions.

The Mini Reviews are not replacing my full product reviews, but will instead allow me to review more products more frequently. You can look for my first Mini Review in the next few days.