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New Mac Pro Now Shipping

December 19, 2013 – by Per Christensson

Good news: Apple has started taking orders for the new Mac Pro today.

Bad news: If you order one right now, the estimated shipping date is February, 2014.

New Mac Pro Shipping Estimate

When Apple unveiled the new Mac Pro earlier this summer, the company said it would be available this fall. After a few months of no Mac Pro news, Apple promised the new model would be available by the end of the year. The company has partially followed through on their revised estimate. The phrase “New Mac Pro Now Shipping” might mean exactly that. It wouldn’t shock me if Apple shipped a single Mac Pro before the end of the year just to fulfill their promise.

Most likely, Apple is shipping a handful of Mac Pros (perhaps a few thousand) before the end of the year. I ordered one from my local Apple Store this morning, and the employee who took my order said the December 30 shipping estimate slipped to January within minutes of the midnight release (Pacific Time). By early morning, the shipping dates had been pushed out to February.

So after all these years of waiting, I get to wait some more. At this point, I guess few months isn’t so bad, but it’s still frustrating. The Mac Pro I ordered actually isn’t for me, but for an employee anyway. When Apple releases a Retina Thunderbolt display, then my dream workstation will finally be a reality.

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