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The Most Epic Pi Day in 100 Years

March 11, 2015 — by Per Christensson

International Pi Day - 3/14/15 Every year, nerds and non-nerds alike celebrate International Pi Day on March 14. Why? Because 3/14 represents the first three digits of Pi (3.14).

This year is even more spectacular, as 3/14/15 represents the first five digits of pi (3.1415). :-o It is a monumental event that only happens once every hundred years. What does this mean? Well, nothing except for the fact that it is awesome.

Some longtime visitors might remember I made a big deal when it was 11/11/11. I even took a screenshot of my system clock at 11:11 on 11/11/11 because, well, I had to. Again, there wasn't much reason for celebrating that day except for the fact it was awesome.

For those unfamiliar with pi, it is the number of times you multiply the diameter of a circle in order to calculate the circumference. Likewise, if you were to take a tape measure and wrap it around a perfectly cylindrical object, you could divide the length of the circle by pi and get the diameter of the object.

What is fascinating about pi is that it is unashamedly irrational. By that I mean it is an irrational number that cannot be exactly calculated. Over the past few decades, computers have been computing pi to greater precision — up to millions of decimal places — but it is still only an estimation. I find it interesting how a perfect circle, the most symmetrical shape in existence creates such an "imperfect" number.

Perhaps pi (often written "π") represents more than we know. Maybe it symbolizes our desire to be perfect like our Creator and our inability to reach perfection in this world. Maybe it proclaims the infiniteness of God and reveals our finite minds.

Maybe 3/14/15 is just another date on the calendar or maybe it is something more. Either way, if you choose to celebrate Pi Day, you won't find a more appropriate time than this Saturday — March 14, 2015.